Association Affinity Programs


This revenue sharing program is Remarkable!

Adam Safeguard draws upon its extensive experience to provide First Class Pre-Employment and Human Resource Services to all our clients.  Now, having been professionally engaged for more than forty years, we have another mission.

Our mission is to provide all businesses with the same level of background screening services, together with the most valuable pertinent methods to insure a safe workplace to owners of all sizes – no matter how small.

Truth is, small businesses who are without human resource expertise are much more vulnerable and likely to fail based upon a bad hire or lack of personnel files and protocol in place.

In short, a basic background supported by proper forms and simple guidelines can establish an acceptable personnel file for each employee.  These assist in employee management and the correct documents will be of tremendous value in any potential litigation.  Labor mediators have said they often believe the employer but without proper documentation, they have to rule in favor of the employee.

As Adam has the resources and is willing to operate at a minimal profit, we believe the best way to penetrate this market is through Affinity Programs.  The Affinity Programs not only provides affordable pricing to the business, but allows for revenue sharing with the Association.  We are able to provide under market pricing to your membership through this Program as we will not have the expense of marketing and sales personnel to get the word out.

Adam’s HR Silent Partner Program is a total Human Resource Support package including Background Screening, Sample Forms, Sample Policies and access to the most up to date employee guidelines for every state in the United States, including Federal laws.

CrimGuard is an integral part of this program.  This is a cost effective way to provide a minimal level of protection for your business, employees and customers.  This will verify the identity, historical addresses and search the highest level of criminal convictions from a wide geographical area.

If you are interested in learning how your Association can benefit from our Affinity Program, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you in detail.


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