Document & Non Document Destruction

paper-shreddingAdam Safeguard Partners with AutoShred, LLC to provide Shredding for Confidential Data and Non-Documentation Destruction

Every business produces confidential information regarding its employees, clients, or assets. As such, protecting your businesses secure data from falling into the wrong hands is not just good business practices, it’s now the law.

When these laws are ignored, a business exposes itself to the dual risk of criminal exploitation and civil prosecution.

Through our secure document destruction process, Autoshred protects your personal data and confidential information from ever falling into the wrong hands.

  • Collecting and properly managing this information followed by effectively destroying it when it becomes useless, is now required by privacy laws and regulations.
  • By trusting your document shredding needs to Autoshred, you’ll receive confidential, reliable, and efficient service designed to uniquely meet the demands of your document destruction needs.
  • AutoShred’s bonded and insured drivers are uniformed, friendly and professional.
  • AuthShred has earned the distinctive accreditation as an AAA NAID Certified Document Destruction Company from the industry’s independent association called NAID (National Association for Information Destruction). This proud distinction means we incorporate the industry’s best practices and were one of only a handful of companies with such accreditation in all of New Jersey.
  • Their trucks are modern and state-of-the-art and they will quickly remove and shred your documents on-site and then recycle your secure documents.

By offering a high-level chain of security, we will help you protect your confidential information while promoting responsible environmental stewardship.


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