Litigant Snapshot

Litigant Snapshot©

The best claim evaluation program ever . . .


Know Your Adversaries    ·    Be Better Prepared


This program is another tool available from Adam Safeguard and is designed to assist in making prudent decisions in claims management.  It offers an inexpensive way to obtain a great deal of knowledge about a litigant.

This product can be used for a myriad of purpose and includes a Forensic Abstract© and a Personal Comprehensive Report.  If you want to find out about your adversary – we’ll take a look for you!


We will:

  • Verify residence of the subject
  • Identify all known residents at the current address
  • Pinpoint a map of the surrounding area – pinpointing the residence
  • Photograph the dwelling and property from all accessible vantage points
  • Capture any notable apparatus, equipment, vehicles, signs or circumstances present
  • Complete an observation checklist with comments and notes

You will get:

  • A picture – literal and abstract – of the litigants’ surroundings. You can now get a feel for the subject and their lifestyle from a different perspective.
  • In some cases a social attitude is present, in others, proofs of employment or activities denied are right in front of you. Sometimes the program reveals circumstances we never thought of or provides answers to questions we never asked.


The results may dictate further action or aid in the settlement process.  Whatever the case you control your results (consistent) and your cost (fixed).

This service is not intended to interfere with or replace your current vendors, rather provide the ability to justify necessary actions and costs while providing greater control.