Public Record Searches & Document Retrieval

With Adam Safeguard’s Public Record Searches and Document Retrieval services available to you, there is no need to expend your time and resources to locate and acquire what you need! 

We can provide Public Record Searches to develop documents and/or if you know the document you are looking for, our retrieval services provide nationwide coverage of certified or standard copies of recorded instruments.  When a document is required, we will retrieve the file for you (certified or uncertified).

The file documents are the true source of information that contains details and facts that could be the most important evidence or lead for the continuation of the “Discovery Process”.

Most Requested Documents:

  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • OPRA
  • Lien Records
  • Property Tax Records
  • Judgments
  • County Records
  • UCC Records
  • Arrest Records 
  • Police Reports
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Trade Licenses
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Professional Licenses
  • Local Applications/Inspections

They say the “Devil is in the Details”, well the “details” are in the files!  (Complaint, Cross Claim, Depositions)