Immunization & Documentation Tracking

immunizationAdam Safeguard partners with Sentry MD to provide Immunization/Documentation Tracking

Unlike other medical record companies, Sentry MD is a full service solution, not just a technology company. We handle all of the paperwork, do the electronic filing, data entry and track compliance. This frees your staff to focus on the health needs of your students or other administrative duties.


Our purpose is to eliminate the burden of processing student health forms on campus.

There are two primary ways we can help:

  • Receive, review, store and track student health and immunization records for compliance with your school’s requirements.
  • This service can be included automatically with your Student Background Screening and Drug Screening or can be provided independently.


Compliance With School Requirements

Student health and immunization records are sent directly to Sentry MD. We process the information, store the records on secure servers, compile the information according to your school’s requirements and provide reports on non-compliant students.  We notify students regarding upcoming immunizations that are expiring and when/if they fall non-compliant.


  • Free up Health Center staff from time consuming administrative tasks
  • Increase focus on health care services or other administrative duties
  • Improve student compliance of school and State Health requirements


Release Of Medical Information

  • We handle releases for students, clinical coordinators and clinical sites


Confidentiality Statement
The confidentiality of students’ health information is of primary importance to Sentry MD. We have implemented measures in all facets of our program to protect this information.


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